CNA Certification Test – Overview

In order to be able to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant, every prospective patient care professional must undertake a CNA training course and be tested on the CNA certification test available from the State Board of Nursing. The CNA certification test includes two parts, a written exam and practical part testing the CNA skills gained during the CNA training program. CNA certification is state performed and the CNA licensing requirements are different in every state of the USA. It is highly advisable the prospective Certified Nurse Assistant to register for testing in the state where the patient care professional desires to work in.

Usually the prospective Certified Nursing Assistant is tested along with a group. The written part of the CNA exam is given before the CNA skills test, and everybody attending take the test simultaneously. During the first, written part of the CNA certification test, the prospective Certified Nurse Assistant have to answer close to one hundred multiple-choice questions. The first part of the CNA certification test is up to 2 hours in duration. The written portion of the certification test addresses patient care, monitoring and keeping track of records, care protocols, laboratory and testing procedures.

After the written part of the CNA certification exam is completed, the CNA instructor collects all the finished tests, and then the prospective CNAs are called on to take on their assistant skills test one by one. Usually the prospective patient care professionals are asked to bring along a helper with them to assist in the skills testing and sometimes the certification institution provides a model for this purpose. The model acts as patient for the prospective Nurse Aide to demonstrate all the skills gained during the CNA training. The elements of the CNA skills test vary, and could not be the same for every person. The prospective CNAs doesn’t know upfront which skills they will be tested to perform until the actual CNA certification testing.

The practical portion of the CNA certification exam addresses the most typical skills that the prospective Certified Nurse Assistant will expertise. This usually include:

– performing measurements of patients vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure and respiration

– demonstrating the correct standard way to make a bed, both with and without a patient in it

– ambulating or moving patients, helping them with routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing, moving in to and out of a wheel chair

– reacting to emergencies such as choking, sudden faints, etc.

For most of the states of the USA the results of the CNA certification test are mailed to the prospective Nurse Aide. The certification results are not provided immediately after the CNA certification test completion. Once the prospective patient care professional have earned CNA certification, the professional is licensed to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Nurse’s Aide, or other similar position at any hospital, assisted living facility, adult day health center, nursing home, or other facility.

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