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CNA Certification requires that the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants either enroll in a class that gives the proper CNA training to perform all the Certified Nursing Assistant duties, or the prospective health care professionals can work in medical institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes where they will be granted practical CNA training that provides them all the nursing knowledge and medical skills needed to successfully pass the CNA Certification test. The requirements for CNA Certification are different for the different states of the USA, but all do require that the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants need to pass a state CNA Certification test that is usually given by a RN (Registered Nurse) who specializes in testing prospective CNA’s medical and nursing knowledge of every single aspect of working as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

There are CNA Classes available, that take only two weeks to be completed, but these types of classes only provide basic knowledge of the Certified Nurse Assistant job. Because of the nature of this career, the skills level improve when the nursing assistant starts to provide actual caregiving and gain more confidence and expertise, so practical classes are very important part of the CNA training that grant excellent results on the state CNA Certification exam.

It is advisable for the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants to attend CNA training classes that lasts at least a month. These types of CNA training programs provide the minimum skills and knowledge to successfully pass the state CNA Certification test. There are a lot of CNA Training programs online but it is better to attend local offline CNA classes.

CNA training classes provided by local colleges or institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes provide complete CNA training programs that consists of two parts, written and clinical. These types of training programs prepare the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants perfectly for the CNA Certification test because they provide complete set of knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

In the classroom courses, prospective Certified Nursing Assistants are trained how to manage all personal care for the patient, including taking vital signs, give bed baths and transfer patient in a safe manner, along with the policies and regulations a Certified Nursing Assistant must adhere to after certification. The first part of the CNA Training in extremely helpful to pass the CNA Certification test and the prospective certified nursing assistants are taught by an instructor who is usually a registered nurse (RN). Certified Nurse Assistants are taught medical abbreviations, the standard values for some tests, how to watch for patient’s signs of serious illness and how to prepare reports.

In the second part of the CNA Training, the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants perform clinical work in medical institutions. This gives them the mandatory expertise needed to take care of patients in a personal and professional way after certification. These practical classes will educate the prospective Certified Nurse Assistants how to prepare reports to the nurses and doctors in charge, do planning, study to bath, take part in feeding patients that are temporary or permanently disabled, and learn to take those that are not to the dining area. During these CNA classes the prospective Certified Nurse Assistants work on different floors of the medical facility, which also prepares them for their CNA Certification test. Prospective Certified Nurse Assistants are introduced to patients that are suffering from Dementia and having many problems that being older in age lead to, and these type of CNA training prepares them not only to successfully complete the state CNA Certification test but also to be great professionals in their field.

Successful CNA Certification leads to a morally and financially rewarding CNA career, career that is for many health care professionals a life mission rather than just a job. CNA certification is also a great way to start a medical career and good starting point to become a LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) or RNs (Registered Nurses).

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