Training for CNA Certification

Training for CNA certification is a major element of the education program for every prospective Certified Nurse Assistant who wants to start a CNA career in one of the many health institutions across the USA, such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, adult day health centers and nursing homes. Because the Certified Nursing Assistants have very significant role in the national health care system, the quality of their education and qualification are extremely important. A proof for this importance is the fact that both together the Federal Government and all states of the USA on state level have passed very specific policies and rules regulating the qualification and certification of Certified Nursing Assistants. CNA training and certification requirements differ determined by which state of the USA is taken into consideration, but a greater part of the training for CNA certification is equivalent across the USA.

In the course of their training for CNA certification, prospective Certified Nurse Assistants are required to obtain nursing knowledge and practical experience with a number of caregiving practices and medical equipment that are of great importance for those for whom the CNAs will provide health care. The training for CNA Certification is complex and covers considerable amount of numerous health related topics, because of the significant role of the CNAs in the health care system, which includes a broad spectrum of nursing tasks involving basic hygienic necessities along with more complex patient care practices.

Training for CNA CertificationFor instance, prospective CNAs are educated about the required procedures to provide basic hygienic and patient care tasks. This tasks include but are not limited to taking care of patient’s basic dental care, aiding patients shower, grooming their hair, and helping male patients with their shaving. Assisting patients dress and undress as well as aiding them move from a bed to a chair – including the utilization use of mechanized lifts is also taught during the training for CNA Certification. The training for CNA certification also involves theoretical knowledge and practical classes that educate the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants how to correctly move patients in their bed, including the required way to turn a patient over and assisting a patient into every position from supine to lateral. The prospective Certified Nursing Assistants must gain knowledge of the applicable way to aid patients walk preventing  falls, and assist them performing basic exercises intended to maintain or improve patients range of motion. Additionally Certified Nursing Assistants aid patients in utilizing bathroom and bedpan when needed, they empty filled urinary bags, place and change catheters (generally special additional training about catheters insertion is needed). Certified Nursing Assistants are also responsible to assist in getting stool and urine specimens, providing enemas and many other basic medical procedures.

Mentioned experiences are part of the Certified Nursing Assistants duties, but the training for CNA certification requires a lot of nursing knowledge too. The Certified Nursing Assistants aid with many of the duties practiced by Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). These duties include checking patient vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, respiration.

The training for CNA Certification provides the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants the complete set of knowledge and nursing skills that will be expected from them as health care providers of great importance to the national health care system and helping them start meaningful career dedicated to help others.

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